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Lottario Progressive Jackpot

Any lottery requires a consistent system that is understood by participants. But, sometimes it is vital to make participating more appealing by increasing the stakes or making the jackpot simpler to win.

Over the years, Lottario has appreciated the need to make stakes more appealing. In Ontario, it is the hugest jackpot and it has existed since 1978.

Over time, it has become better and in 2015 it changed, offering better odds and a progressive jackpot. Also, the progressive jackpot means more prizes are available to be won.

Other Winning Improvements for Lottario

Apart from an increasing jackpot, other improvements were included to the game such as:

· Prolonged options in regard to advance play. The options are currently at 26 draws, one level up from the earlier ten.
· A prize of $30 when the bonus number is matched, as well as four more numbers.
· A prize of $5 when the bonus number is matched together with three numbers.
· Better winning odds that increased from 1 in 20.89 to 1 in 5.8.
· A play prize that is free when the bonus number is matched.

The Second Hugest Lottario Jackpot

When these enhancements were made to the game, in March 2017, the hugest Lottario jackpot was recorded at $3,280,725.40. This was 2 years after the jackpot began increasing.

The winning ticket was purchased in Peterborough with Lottario winning digits of 7,8.11,15,22 and 24. Early bird digits were 15, 32, 42 and 45 while 10 was the bonus number.

This is the second hugest jackpot since the inception of Lottario in 1978 and only appears following the 1992 jackpot that was $3.6 million. These Lottario results were good news to any person who purchased the ticket, since they are currently millionaires.

Terms of Picking Lottario Winning

Each time a person hits the jackpot, they need to claim the winnings prior to the end of six months. As the jackpot increases, this offers people better winning prospects. In addition, if they fail to pick their cash within the specified period, they will incur huge losses.

The difficulty is that a lot of individuals are prone to forgetting that they purchased tickets and some even misplace these tickets. When more cash is on the line, individuals who have these habits lose more.

Apart from the time span within which you are able to pick Lottario winnings, you also require going to Lottario headquarters to pick your winnings if they surpass the predetermined amount. The ones who obtain these winnings have their names published also, for public records.

Lottario results are often publicized to offer people more winning chances and extra prizes to win. It is simple to take part in the game and it is easy to afford. This is a major reason why Lottario is so appealing. As the game is inclusive of the progressive jackpot, it attracts a lot more participants also.

Over the last few years, it has been the lottery’s progressive and vibrant feature, which has upheld freshness in this draw and made the entire procedure one that is thrilling to beginner players in Lottario as well as experienced ones.

Rules for Lottario

Players are able to play as many as 10 draws in advance, which is convenient. There is also the early bird draw that carries $50,000 while draws are normally carried on every Saturday. Players are able to take part in numerous Ontario Lottario selections in a single ticket, chasing winning numbers for Lottario.

You are able to play Lottario using selection slip or quick pick. For the selection, you choose six digits from a field varying from 1-45. You shall then obtain this ticket that you can use to monitor your digits and one additional free random set of digits for every board that you are playing.

What to consider regarding draws

Tickets for early bird are usable if they are bought on Fridays before midnight, the day prior to the Lottario winning numbers draw. Two draws are available and one of them is the early bird while the other is the Main Draw.

Sale of tickets is carried out up to 10.30 p.m. then the draw occurs on Saturday, which is regarded as a draw night. Players are able to play in advance up to 26 draws. You are able to play encore even 10 times for every ticket.

Combinations and Prospects

Players can make a selection and play number combinations of 5,7,8 and 9, since the combination play lets the player play a set of digits in varied combinations that differ. Every combination is taken as a distinct play. The price does not change and the Lottario ticket remains $1 for each play. Once more, every play has 2 lines.

Winning Huge Prizes

A fourth prize exists which is 4 out of 6 as well as the bonus digits, where you should match 4 digits such as the bonus number. There is the sixth prize also, where you match 3 digits as well as the bonus digit.

Lastly, the eighth prize exists, where you only match the bonus number. Irrespective of the prizes, the game of Lottario still plays similar to the $1 ticket. In case more than one winner emerges, the prizes are then shared between the winners and the Lottario cash is shared.

This applies to each of the 3 prizes: 4th prize, 6th prize and 8th prize. Lottario winners who have Lottario winning digits have a deadline of one year to claim their prize using their Lottario results. If they do not claim their prizes in the period of one year, the prizes are then paid to the Ontario province so as to help Ontario individuals. Lottario does not reclaim the profits on its own.

Making use of Balanced Wheel Systems

When you utilize balanced wheel systems, you can bet a huge set of numbers (more than 5) and obtain a specific minimum win guarantee.

Using balanced wheels, each of the digits in your group are compelled to combine to present you with a minimum of one prize, in case some or all the winning digits belong to your chosen group.

When you wheel more numbers, it becomes easier to keep the winning digits in the group you prefer.

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