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Lottario was presented to the market in 1978. This awesome lottery has continued for 35 years and more. It was hugely successful and over the years, it has made improvements in regard to its rules and features.

Lottario Draw and Rules

Being a 6/45 lotto means Lottario players should choose 6 numbers from a range of 1-45. Another method of choosing the 6 numbers that are needed is to utilize the Quick Pick option that will instantly offer 6 random valid digits.

With each number combination, you obtain an extra set of 6 random digits without any charge. Also, these numbers are suitable for prizes. During the draw, 6 numbers will be drawn as well as one bonus number.

In case your number combination matches 5 of the draw digits and the bonus number drawn, your prize becomes part of another prize tier. The Early Bird draw is Lottario’s exceptional feature. To qualify for this draw, players should purchase their tickets prior to 12:00 Eastern Time.

For Early Bird draw, the prize pool is $50,000 and so as to win it, you should match each of the four numbers for Early Bird. All winners obtain equal prize pool shares. Each week, one draw is carried out on Saturday only.

Prizes for Lottario

This OLG lottery guarantees a $250,000 minimum jackpot. In case there is no winner, it rolls over and goes above $250,000. So as to claim this prize, you should match 6 from the 6 drawn numbers. Tickets that match 4 of the numbers that are drawn present a prize of about $25. If you are lucky enough to strike 5 numbers, you shall win around $1000. Additionally, the bonus number can increase your prize in case you have matched 5 numbers already.

Depending on how many winners there are in this prize category, winners become richer by between $5,000 and $10,000. Winners have a period of 12 months to claim their prizes. In case some prizes remain unclaimed, all of them are directed to Ontario provincial government. A lot of these proceeds are utilized on numerous projects that assist Ontario people.

Winning Chances

Where Lottario is concerned, this is a great opportunity to participate in one of Canada’s best lotteries. There are considerable prizes and winning odds that truly surpass your expectations.

Powerball USA

If you are fed up of just playing lotto draws from the country you reside in, you should explore Powerball. This lotto game from America provides its players with the chance to win millions.

Powerball USA is among the new games available and among the most popular. This is a common kind of game but the Powerball brand name is sufficient to attract players from all over. You do not need to be concerned if you reside in the UK and desire to participate in Powerball USA, since many services are available which will enable you to buy your ticket.

Playing in syndicate is allowed for these games and the only regulations for UK players are that you need to be more than 16 years of age. Apart from that, you only need to select the lucky and bonus numbers and find out whether you can be a millionaire.

A wonderful fact about the lotto draw for Powerball USA is that on record, it has paid out three of the hugest jackpots. One thing that is certain is that there is the possibility of creating large wins from this game. Therefore, prepare your tickets!

Playing Powerball USA

This game is uniquely the same as Thunderball, since it is all about selecting a special ball together with the ordinary ones. For simple usage, they are divided into red and white. The white is not as powerful in regard to winning a jackpot.

The white balls originate from a 1-69 pool and the red ranges from 1-26. The key to Powerball USA is to guess which five white and one red will be chosen. Each line for the draw costs $2 and these need to be purchased one hour prior to the beginning of the draw on Wednesdays and Sundays.

For the ones playing these games outside the US, direct debits are useful, since it makes sure you shall never miss out. Draws for Powerball USA are televised also; however, the results are published online as well, following the draw.

Payouts for Powerball USA

A cap exists for how high the jackpots for Powerball USA can increase, even though this is not a bad thing. When the draw goes up to billions of dollars, this signifies that the jackpot should be won when it rolls over to this amount.

Even if each of the six numbers is not won at the present time, the prize shall still be divided between winners with five accurate balls. The hugest Powerball USA jackpot ever won was close to $600 million.

This is paid out a bit differently from other lottos, since it is a yearly amount whose payment is spread over 30 years. The prize rises by 5% each year, to keep up with inflation. If you do not win the top jackpot, you are still able to win prizes ranging from $4 to 1 million.

Lotto Max…New but Famous Already!

Lotto Max from Canada is a fairly new game to this country. It was started in September 2009 and replaced with what was initially called Lotto Super-7 and ranks among the hugest jackpot games offered by Canada.

Lotto Max Tickets

Lotto Max drawings occur once each week, which is rare in the world of jackpot. Tickets are sold at 9:00 eastern time and immediately after this, the drawing takes place.

This lottery jackpot game is fairly costly since you need to pay more than $5 for three sets of digits, which signifies that you are selecting 21 numbers altogether. You should match each of the seven numbers to as to win the huge jackpot.

MaxMillions Makes Lotto Max Unique

Lotto Max is different from other major jackpots in other countries because of their Maxmillions concept.  Maxmillions is featured any time the jackpot for Lotto Max goes beyond $50 million jackpot.

When this occurs, separate drawings happen for each million that goes beyond $50 million. Here, players are able to win $1 million dollars when they match 7 numbers out of 7.

So, essentially, in the event that the jackpot goes up to $55 million, five separate Maxmillions drawings would be available for $1 million each plus the standard $50 million drawing for Lotto Max.

It is possible to use your Lotto Max ticket for Maxmillions; therefore it is not necessary to buy more tickets. In essence, the idea is to offer you more winning chances.

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