Guelph Housewife Wins Big in Lottario

A lot of people play the lottery in the hopes of winning the jackpot prize. And one of them is a housewife from Guelph, Ontario. Kathy Wells is the lucky winner of the Lottario draw for October 8th, 2016. She confessed to being an avid player of lottery for the last couple of years and finally, her persistence paid off when she won $464,238.90 from Lottario.

It really takes a lot of luck to win the lottery. Even if you play Lottario every Saturday, there’s no guarantee that you will win big and be as lucky as Kathy Wells. She was helping her son move to Ottawa when she stopped at a gas station to purchase some tickets.

Lottario Balls

Happy Thanksgiving!

It was already Thanksgiving when she remembered to check her lottery numbers at the Lottario website. Little did she know that she had one more thing to be thankful for that year. When she realized that she had the winning numbers Kathy couldn’t believe her luck so she went to the nearby store to verify whether she really won or not.

And when her ticket was verified, the retailer congratulated her for her win. And the good thing is that the dinner she was cooking for Thanksgiving was not ruined when she decided to leave it and went to the store as fast as she can.

The first person she wanted to share the good news was her husband, but she couldn’t reach him. She also tried her other relatives, but she couldn’t contact them at that particular time. Wanting to tell anyone that she won the Lottario draw, she went to her next-door neighbor.

When she finally managed to reach her husband, the first thing that he asked her was the amount of the prize money. Thanksgiving of 2016 was one of the best they had during their married life. Kathy Wells and her family have $460,000 reasons to be thankful for.

Plans for the Lottario Prize

Kathy Wells and her family have lots of plans for the money she won from Lottario. Some of the money will go to the renovation of their home that includes the windows, doors, and the driveway. She will also use the money to pay off some bills. Part of the money will be for the college tuition of her son. She will also put some of it into her retirement fund. The Wells family is also planning to take a trip to California to visit some of their relatives in the state.

Wells confessed that winning Lottario overwhelmed her at the beginning, but she also felt a huge relief. The family can enjoy a more comfortable life and don’t need to worry about bills.

Are you inspired by her story? Then play Lottario online today. You will never know when you will be lucky enough to get the winning numbers unless you play the lottery game. The jackpot prize is $250,000 and continues to grow until someone wins.

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