How to Pick Lottario Numbers

Lottario is a lottery game that is only available in Ontario. It has a guaranteed jackpot amount of $250,000 which grows until there is a winner. To play the game, you need to pick six numbers between 1 and 45. You will win the jackpot if you manage to match your numbers from those drawn.

While the Lottario doesn’t have huge starting jackpots, $1 allows you to play two games! And there are instances in which the pot reaches $1 million. That’s why a lot of people still play the lottery game.

Although it is a game of chance, it doesn’t mean that you should leave it to luck. While there’s no method in picking numbers that can guarantee a win, there are several ways that can increase your chances of winning.

Use the Quick Pick

Lottario, just like other lottery games, allows players to leave the decision to a random number generator. Lotto winners from all across the globe have testified to have used the Quick Pick option. Or you can use any random number generator if you play Lottario online.

Use the Same Numbers All the Time

When you regularly buy lottery tickets, you should consider using the same numbers. Choose the numbers and don’t change them. The numbers can be birthdays, lucky numbers, your favorite number, or any other number. Just make sure that you stick with it no matter what happens.

Trust Your Instincts

There are times when you think that you have the winning numbers. If that is the case, then trust your instincts. Some former winners say they saw the numbers in a dream, while others say that the numbers came to their mind one day. One thing they have in common is that they got a set of numbers and they used them. While this strategy might meet a lot of skepticism, it is better to act on them instead of blaming yourself in the future when the numbers turned out to be the winning combination.


Law of Statistics

There are lots of websites that provide statistics and data on Lottario results. You can use this information to help you pick your numbers. While using statistical methods will still provide you with random numbers, it is a known fact that there are numbers that have been drawn more often than others.

You can choose numbers that are drawn often or go with the opposite. The former is something that most people are also more likely to do. If the numbers are picked, then you might share the jackpot with other people. On the other hand, choosing the numbers that are drawn less frequently might have a slim chance of winning. But if you do win, you are less likely to share them with others.

These are the tips that you should consider when choosing Lottario numbers. There is no exact science in choosing the winning numbers, but the tips mentioned above will improve your chances of getting the jackpot.

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