How to Increase Your Chances of Getting the Lottario Winning Numbers

The lottario winning numbers on the lottery game are drawn in a random manner.  However, these random numbers can form a pattern which you can monitor and take advantage of the next time you decide to bet on Lottario.  By carefully analyzing the different results of various lottery games, we have successfully confirmed that there are numbers that have higher probability to appear compared to the others.  The key to a smart selection of numbers is to choose them based on their probability.  If your pattern of numbers tends to show in just 5% of the game, then there is a 95% possibility that your numbers will not show up and therefore, you will lose.

Tips to Win the Lottario

Here are some of the rules that you can use to increase your chances of guessing the Lottatio results.

Odd-Even Numbers

When you are picking your numbers, make sure that you will have a right balance of even numbers and odd numbers.  The Lottario winning numbers that are comprised of only even numbers (or odd numbers) rarely happen.  In fact, it only happens at roughly 1% on the 200 lottery games all over the world in more than 20 years.  The recommended ratio of odd to even numbers would be 2:4, 3:3 and 4:2.  These patterns happen in 83% of the winning result.

Lottario Winner

High-Low Numbers

The Lottario winning numbers are regularly spread on the whole number field.  Number field would be the entire set of digits where the winning results are drawn.  In case we divide this number field into two, we will be able to get the high numbers field and the low number field.  Lottario is comprised of 45 numbers; numbers 1-22 would be the lower part, and the 23-45 would be the higher part.  All low or all high winning number will happen only on the odd occasion.  You should also have a good mixture of high and low numbers.  This combination works at 80% of the time.

Group Strategies

Take a look at the list of the previous Lottario results; you will notice that most of the time, a certain group on number will not be represented.   For instance, the latest April 22 result 1-5-18-21-31-34 has no numbers in the 40s.  Studying these various groups will help you select which number group needs to be eliminated that will give you a higher chance to win.

The Sum

After picking the Lottario numbers that you want, it is time to find the sum of these numbers.  In more than 70% of the time, the totality of the winning result will be within 106-170.  Try to pick the numbers that fall within that range to amp your chances of winning the jackpot prize.

The avid Lottario players who are selecting their numbers without a proper analysis and consideration are designed to lose.  By knowing which number gives you a higher possibility of winning, you will be able to create a smarter decision, and you will be able to save money by staying away from combination that does not work.

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