Lady Sues Former Boyfriend for 50% of the Lottery Prize Worth 6 Million

A lady from Chatham, Ont. wishes that a jury is going to assist her in claiming over $3 million which has been held by the law after her former boyfriend cashed in a ticket that won the lottery. According to her, half of it is hers.

A statement of claim was filed by Denise Roberson against Maurice Thibeault on Tuesday in a Windsor court for unfair enrichment, break of trust, alteration as well as general damages.

Steve Pickard, her lawyer stated that Robertson also wants an affirmation that she is entitled to 50% of the winnings and damages worth $500,000, and that her court expenses will be catered for by Thibeault.

In addition, Pickard has requested that a jury be appointed to try the matter.

In a sworn affidavit, Denise Robertson said, ‘Both of us imagined being lotto winners.’

‘I believe it is more suitable for a jury to listen to this type of case because it relates to morality standards and what the society desires their law to be,’ he remarked.

Thibeault and Robertson have been arguing about the winnings from the end of the previous year after he purchased a winning ticket of $6.1 million. Thibeault failed to inform her about it and some days after this, he moved out.

She insists that they had a contract to split any lottery winnings. He refutes this claim.

On Tuesday, Richard Pollock, Thibeault’s attorney informed CBC Windsor, ‘It is as complex as a bingo game.’

‘He bought a ticket, won it and claimed the prize. He is a man who is good and truthful. His reputation is in danger.’

Thibeault gets half payment

Robertson says that she and Thibeault were in a relationship of common law and for years, had been purchasing Lotto 6/49 tickets jointly and sharing the winnings.

In October, she swore an affidavit saying, ‘We both had a dream of being lottery winners.’

‘The two of us adore muscle vehicles. Each of us would purchase one and buy a big house in the country, and set up a huge shop for working on our vehicles.’

After Robertson heard about a couple of winning tickets, one that was sold in Quebec and another one in Chatham, that would divide a jackpot of $12 million, Robertson eagerly wrote a text to Thibeault regarding the likelihood that they might be millionaires.

The affidavit says after going home, however, Robertson said Thibeault stated clearly that they were not winners.

After some days, Thibeault went to work and never returned. Robertson claimed that she returned home and discovered that his passport and clothes were missing. Afterwards, she heard that he had left his employment.

She filed an injunction in court to prevent the payout. Following an investigation, half was paid to Thibeault by Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission. It produced his image displaying a $3,073,361.30 cheque on Jan. 5 but retained the remaining half, waiting for some agreement between them or a ruling in court.

That half is going to be given to Ontario Superior Court for a short time, said Rui Brum, the spokesperson for OLG.

‘It is truly the only option of obtaining the cash,’ remarked Pickard. ‘In this specific case, we believe that a jury will reach a consensus that he should not retain the winnings, and that half of the ticket really belongs to Denise Robertson.

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