Lottario Early Bird Prize – What Is It and Why It Makes Lottario Special?

Taking part in Lottario can be an amazing experience for the residents of Ontario. Being able to win $250,000 with a ticket that costs only $1 is nothing but happiness. It does not matter how difficult it seems to win after looking at the odds, one should be glad that he/she has the chance to win a life-changing prize with such a small amount. A large number of countries now have their lotteries today. Some are national whereas some can be for a specific city or state as well. Hundreds of millions of people take part in these lotteries to make their dreams come true.

One of the Canadian lotteries available specifically for the residents of Ontario is Lottario. With a prize money starting at $250,000, Lottario is one of the most famous types of lotteries in the region. The size of the jackpot might seem small to some but that’s just the starting point. Lottario operates on a rollover basis wherein the jackpot keeps rolling over unless someone matches the winning numbers exactly. In short, after a few rollovers, your Lottario ticket could turn you into a millionaire. One of the best things about Lottario is that it offers multiple ways for people to win huge prizes. The Early Bird Prize is just one of those ways to let people win big with Lottario.

The Early Bird Prize in Lottario

Early bird

“Early Bird Prize” is an additional way for those taking part in Lottario to win big. The prize money for the Early Bird winners is a whopping $50,000. That prize is available in addition to the main jackpot, which is of $250,000. What this means is that even if you are not able to win the main jackpot of the lottery, you still have the chance to win the Early Bird Prize. An even important thing to keep in mind here is that the Early Bird is only a combination of four lottario numbers. Match four numbers and you could be seeing $50,000 landing in your account.

For anyone who wants to qualify for the Early Bird prize, they have to make sure to buy the lottery tickets before the midnight of Friday. You have to remember that the draw for Lottario takes place on the night of Saturday. Any ticket that you buy after the midnight of Friday will not qualify for the Early Bird Prize. There are two draws in total. One draw is to award the big jackpot of $250,000 whereas the other draw is to give the $50,000 to the Early Bird. So, even if your ticket has not won you the jackpot, you have all the reasons in the world to remain excited.

Why Early Bird Prize Makes Lottario Special

There are hundreds and thousands of lotteries available around the world today. Each lottery has a way to offer more money to the people, and more attraction in the lottery thereof. In most other lotteries, you have to match an extra number/ball to get the mega-jackpot. In the case of Lottario, you can win the Early Bird Prize which is drawn separately from the winning jackpot numbers. If the numbers on your tickets match the Early Bird Prize, you get to claim $50,000. Today, Lottario allows you to play for up to 26 draws straight. That’s called an advance play. Here are some reasons why Lottario is a special type of lottery due to Early Bird Prize.

You Don’t Get Such a Prize with Many Other Lotteries

With some of the biggest lotteries in the world, you don’t get a chance to win a prize in this way. Yes, many of them have the option of you matching an extra ball with your jackpot number combination supplement your total prize money. However, only the winner gets the big prize money by hitting the complete number combination and the extra number. On the other hand, the Early Bird Prize with Lottario gives a new chance not just to the winner of the jackpot but those who have not won the jackpot too. If you haven’t hit the jackpot, you still have the opportunity to hit it big by winning $50,000 with the Early Bird Prize.

You Only Have to Match Four Numbers

Lottario has this amazing feature where you can get the $50,000 Early Bird Prize by matching four numbers only. You don’t have to match all six numbers or any extra numbers to get this prize. In many other lotteries, any big prizes other than the jackpot require you to match five numbers and the extra number to get the second tier prize. On the other hand, matching just four numbers is enough to get the amazing Early Bird Prize with Lottario. The best thing is that this type of bonus and jackpot is available only for the residents of Ontario. It might not be the biggest lottery in the world but you should be happy that all the prizes are distributed within only Ontario.

You Get an Attractive Prize

One of the things that disappoint the players of other lotteries is that jackpot is huge but right beneath the big jackpot, the second tier prize is quite small. IT can be off-putting for many players because there is no significant attraction for them in the lottery if they don’t hit the jackpot. Imagine the jackpot winner taking home multiple million dollars and you as a second-tier prize winner taking home only $10,000. That’s not very pleasing. That’s where Lottario Early Bird Prize really makes a big difference. Even if you haven’t won the jackpot, you can be sure that your Early Bird Prize is $50,000. While not for everyone, but for most of the people who are taking part in the lottery, this prize money can be enough to bring their life back on track.

You Have Enough Time to be the Early Bird

When you look at the term “early bird”, it might seem that you have to be very early at purchasing the ticket to be a part of this prize money. However, that’s not the case at all. You can see in the rules that you can qualify for the amazing Early Bird Prize if you buy the ticket before Friday midnight. That’s only nearly 24 hours before the draw takes place for the lottery. The lottery operators could have limited the Early Bird Prize to those who bought tickets only on Monday or Tuesday, but that’s not the case at all. You could buy your ticket on Friday before Saturday starts and still qualify to win a whopping $50,000.

Why Invest in Lottario


There are many different types of lotteries to take advantage of. In fact, you can now win the huge lottery jackpots by not even buying the ticket of the actual lottery. That’s possible through lottery betting i.e. when you place a bet on the outcome of the lottery rather than buying the ticket of the lottery itself. In this way, the first prize winner takes home the jackpot but you also take home the exact amount of the jackpot but by only placing the bet on the outcome. Despite these options being available out there, it only makes sense for the Ontario residents to be a part of Lottario. Here are some reasons for investing specifically in Lottario.

It Rolls Over

The prize money might not be the biggest when you compare Lottario with other big and famous lotteries of the world. However, you have to keep in mind that Lottario can only be so huge because it is for the residents of Ontario only. No outsiders can take home the jackpot and so based on the population, the prize money of $250,000 is just about right. More importantly, Lottario rolls over with time. If no one matches the number on the day of the draw, the lottery rolls over and the prize money increases. The prize money continues to bloat for as long as the lucky number does not hit. In short, you could easily win millions of dollars after a few rollovers of the lottery.

It Gives You Multiple Chances to Win

There are many Lottario features that make it a unique lottery among money. For example, you have the option to play with combinations. When it comes to combinations, you pick not six but more numbers to create multiple combinations from them to increase your chances of winning. When you pick multiple numbers, the computer gives you all the possible combinations of those numbers so you have dozens of numbers that could potentially be jackpot numbers. Furthermore, there is the option of playing in advance. You can take part in 26 draws at the same time by using this option.

Not to mention, you have the best of all, Early Bird Prize option to get a second chance of winning it big. Those who don’t have the jackpot numbers can still keep their interest in the game because they might just have the Early Bird Prize combination that could win them $50,000. Not to mention, the Encore option is there as well.

It Is Affordable

Lottario is one of the cheapest lotteries for you to invest in your money in. All you have to do is spend $1 to take part in the lottery. What makes it even better is that you get to play two number combinations with just one play. It is up to you to pick a number through the Quick Pick option or let a random number generator help you with it. The second number is always generated by the computer randomly. At the end of the day, you have two combinations of numbers available that boost your chances of winning. In short, with just $1 you are getting two chances of winning the lottery.

You can even add multiple plays by spending extra dollars. Just keep in mind that every play means having two combinations of numbers. So if you have 10 plays, you will have 20 combinations.

All of Its Information Is Available Online

As strange as it may sound, lotteries can be complex matters for some people. With so many features creating so many different opportunities for punters to win. Things can get jumbled up a bit at times. That’s when you need online help to understand the rules of the lottery. The multiple ways of winning the jackpot, and many other additional bonuses that you can win by taking part in the lottery. The good thing is that Lottario is quite a famous lottery, and that’s why you can find a lot of its information online. If you want to learn about its rules and regulations, you can go online and find whatever information you need including topics like Early Bird Prizes, Encore, Combination Plays, etc.

Be Positive When You Play Lottario

It applies to every punter taking part in any lottery in the world. See, you are playing a game that depends a lot on your luck. You can’t control the outcomes or predict the future. The only thing you can control is your emotions and energy. Rather than being skeptical about things, it will only be a favor to yourself if you think positively when playing Lottario. Keep your thoughts positive and give yourself affirmations that you will win. The positive energy that you radiate might just win you thousands of dollars. Not to mention, skepticism will never help. A hopeful person is still happy and ready to do some more when he/she does not win. On the other hand, when you are pessimistic, a single failure could be overly stressful for you.


So, if you are someone who lives in Ontario, you should definitely give Lottario a shot. If not for the big jackpot, you should definitely be hopeful about winning the Early Bird Prize. Learn the many rules of the lottery and ways that you can win some money. Be sure to play more combinations if you want to increase your chances of winning the lottery. Last but not least, be hopeful and positive once you have spent your money on buying the ticket.

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