Lottario – Things You Need to Know

Lottario is the Canadian lottery game located in Ontario, Canada. It is only available in Ontario and can be played there. There can be two plays for $1, while the guaranteed minimum for the jackpot reaches $250,000. This is a rather big number for a $1 ticket and the chance to play two times for it, but the odds are a different question. The lottario results can vary, and it’s all a matter of mathematics.

The Rules

The players can play as far as 10 draws in advance – a convenient feature. Then there is the $50,000 early bird draw, while draws are usually performed on every Saturday. Players can participate in multiple Ontario Lottario selections in one ticket, chasing the Lottario winning numbers. You can play Lottario by either quick pick or selection slip and for the selection – you can select six numbers from a field ranging from 1 to 45. Then you will receive this ticket with which you can follow your numbers and an extra free random set of numbers for each board that is being played by you.

Draws – Consider these

The early bird tickets are valid if they are purchased before 12 midnight on Fridays the day before the draw of the Lottario winning numbers. There are two draws. Of course, as mentioned above one of them is the early bird. The other draw is the Main Draw.  The tickets are sold until 10.30 p.m. and then the draw happens on Saturday which is considered draw night. Players can play up to 26 draws in advance, and as an addition, there is ENCORE which is also available to be played. You can play encore up to 10 times per ticket.

Lottario World Lottery

Combinations and Possibilities

Players can choose and play 5,7,8, and 9 number combinations as the combination play allows the player to play a set of numbers in different combinations, which vary. Each combination then is considered a separate play. There is no change of price then, and the Lottario ticket is still $1 per play. Again, each play consists of 2 lines.

Prizes – Winning Big

There is the fourth prize that is 4 of 6 plus the bonus numbers where you need to match 4 numbers including the bonus number. Then there is the sixth prize where you match the 3 numbers, plus the bonus number. Finally, there is the eighth prize in which you match the bonus number only. Regardless of the prizes, Lottario game still plays in the same way with the $1 ticket. If there is more than one winner, then the prizes are shared among the winners, and the Lottario money is split. This goes for all the 3 prizes – fourth prize, sixth prize and eighth prize. The winners of Lottario that possess the Lottario winning numbers have a one-year deadline to claim their prize with their results. If they fail to claim their prizes in the one-year time, then the prizes are being paid the Ontario province in order to benefit the people of Ontario. The Lottario does not take back the profits on its own.

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  • focus on bigger prizes for lottario
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