Lottario Tries to Attract Millennials

One of the things that young people don’t like to do is buy lotto tickets. It seems like millennials don’t want to be involved in the gaming business. And that’s why the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation have come up with various ways to lure the 20-somethings into buying Lottario and other lotto tickets.

In order to attract millennials, the OLG improved their website. While the OLG doesn’t provide ways to play Lottario online, there are third party websites where you can buy tickets from. In the past, they also launched a TV ad designed to make the young ones dream about hitting the jackpot. They also introduced Wheel of Fortune at lotto booths.

However, it seems like the millennials are still not keen in betting on lotteries. They have seen their parents play Lottario and other lottery games for years and not win anything. Young people also know the odds of winning the jackpot. They rather spend their time and money on productive stuff.


Learn What Millennials Do

It is important for the OLG to be in tuned with the millennials. The agency must try their best to learn what young people want to do. While the TV ad was a good start, most millennials were not able to see it. That’s because a lot of 20-something people don’t watch TV. More often than not, they are surfing the net on their computers.

The younger generation will find buying scratch tickets and lotteries too boring. According to statistics, almost half of college graduates don’t buy lottery tickets. They are less likely to go to the store just to play Lottario. The OLG must find a way that will allow potential customers to play Lottario online. It has to make its business model aligned with the ways of the younger generation.

Lottery terminals are often found at gas stations and convenience stores. These are not common places where you can find millennial, and that’s why the number of young players are low. And if they want to gamble, they will more than often choose to play online poker instead. Poker requires skills to win and can be played on their mobile devices. If the OLG really wants to target the younger market, then it should consider venturing into online poker or let people play Lottario online.

While there are still people playing lotteries throughout the world, the numbers are continuing to decline. Players are only interested in buying tickets when the jackpot is already big. That’s when more people line up to buy tickets.

In the past, there were a few options when it comes to gambling, and that’s lottery games managed to attract players. But the truth remains that the odds are bad when you are aiming for the jackpot. Not only that, it is the least engaging type of gambling.

In order to remain relevant in the future, the people behind Lottario must find innovative ways to attract the younger crowd. Research must be done to keep the game interesting to the consumers over time.

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