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Cape Breton grandmother wins $2.9 million lottery

In Sydney, N.S., a grandmother from Cape Breton obtained an extremely special card this weekend for Mother’s Day. This was an ace of spades valued at $2.9 million.

Kathy McPherson became winner of the record-breaking jackpot on Saturday evening, in Chase the Ace fundraiser in Sydney, NS. which is her hometown. This was one year after the day the lottery was started.

According to McPhearson, who is 62, she recently came back from employment in Fort Saskatchewan Alta as a laborer. However, she intends to forget her employment days.

‘They enquired from me whether I would be keen to return,’ she stated in an interview on phone on Sunday. ‘After this occurred, I decided I would not return there.’

McPherson says she shall give part of her winnings to Ron her husband, who works in scaffolding, her son who resides in Newfoundland and her daughter who stays in Halifax. She shall also contribute to the education funds of her grandchildren’s education.

According to her, she also intended to give some of her winnings to assist Fort McCurray, Alta wildfire victims. She worked here for seven years. Event organizers are also making a donation of $25,000 from the charitable proceeds of Saturday’s draw, to Canadian Red Cross relief fund.

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Chase the Ace is similar to a 50-50 draw where players purchase each numbered ticket at $5. The winner obtains a percentage of the entire ticket sales and a huger jackpot in case they pick the ace of spades from a cards deck, which becomes smaller with every consecutive draw.

This player who played for the first time in her life, stated that in her entire life, she had never been a winner of anything. It was necessary for her husband to describe the lottery’s rules, she stated. Just five cards remained in the deck after she pulled out the ace of spades.

According to her, she believed that she would never select the ace of spades and that the one card existed that she would never pick.

Some of the cash raised is given to Ashby Legion and Horizon Achievement Centre; the two are in Sydney. Organizers say the total fundraising amount shall be presented in the weeks to come.

Recently, the jackpot rose to millions, attracting very many fortune seekers to this city of 30,000 from throughout Nova Scotia and further.

On Saturday, organizers sold tickets worth $1.3 million. The stack of tickets of multiple colors was so big that volunteers were forced to use a rake to stir them.

McPherson was in a bar sipping tea when her blue winning ticket was selected. Because of the noise, she was unable to hear the number.

On arrival at Ashby Legion, McPherson stated she was received like a famous person. According to her, the Sydney population was elated that the winner was from the locality.

‘I experienced a feeling of being an old movie star,’ she stated. ‘I needed to go downstairs.’ 20 minutes must have passed, as each person desired to be photographed. People I did not even know!’

According to McPherson, her phone has been ringing throughout with calls from friends and reporters extending their congratulations. McPherson says, she would always remember the sight of that ace of black and white. She said she was convinced seven was their lucky number, in reference to May 7, which was Saturday’s date.

Lottario Winner

Lottery Winner to Donate £26 Million Treasure

Margaret Loughrey, a generous lottario winner, intends to donate £26 million.

This woman, from Northern Ireland won the jackpot for EuroMillions last December. She has disclosed that already, she has given out half of her winnings.

Margaret became winner of the lottery after she bought a ticket as she was returning home from the Job Centre.  At the time she made her huge win, she was surviving on £58 benefits each week.

Since she won, she has been giving out money to assist needy people. According to her, she knows how it feels to lack and this is the reason she is sharing her winnings. She said, ‘It is not possible for me to miss what I did not have previously.’

‘I went through my adult life without a job and the rest of my life on minimum wage. Therefore, I am only too well aware of how difficult things can be.’

Her generous attitude has benefited Strabane, which is her hometown. Nine firms were launched since May and she is the director. This is inclusive of six new firms that were registered only the previous week.

In addition, Margaret has paid £1 million for Herdman’s Hill in Sion Mills and intends to change it into a huge site for leisure and tourism, creating numerous employment opportunities.

She said to Sunday Life, ‘Immediately I won the cash, I decided I would use it to benefit the town.’

‘Already, I have given away half.’

‘I decided to retain £1 million for myself and offer the rest of the money to the town.’

‘In Strabane region, a lot of talent is available; people only require to be offered an opportunity.’

‘Each person reserves the right to earn a living, give their families support, purchase their own house and operate their own business.’

‘People simply require to be offered opportunities.’


Jim Dancy Wins $10,000

Richland’s Jim Dancy became winner of $10,000 in Michigan Lottery Club. After some time, Dancy decided that other individuals required the cash more than he did. After making a decision to donate the winnings, now what he had to decide was where to give out the money

After giving this some thought, Dancy resolved to offer the entire sum to the Greater Kalamzoo United Way. This presented his method of assisting organizations and charities which endeavor to improve the world.

‘I was influenced heavily by Julie, my close friend, from whom I learnt to put others’ considerations first and to think of what life truly entails. I am aware that the community’s needs are many at the moment. Therefore, for me, this was the appropriate action to take,’ stated Dancy while being interviewed.

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