Lottario Winning Numbers Create a Winner in West Lorne

The March 4th, 2017 Lottario winning numbers were released on March 5th, and it was announced that someone had won 1.56 million dollars in West Lorne. Michael Vojin checked the Lottario results the following Monday.

When Michael Vojin was checking his tickets at the local retailer, the terminal froze. Both the store person and Michael looked at the screen and each other in total shock. The OLG soon called the retailer to speak with Michael about the amount he had won.

Michael then called his wife. His wife did not believe him and thought that he was joking. Once she realised that Michael was not joking about their Lottario winning, she started to cry. Michael drove home to show her the Lottario winning ticket, and she cried even more.

How Did He Pick His Lottario Winning Numbers?

Like many other people who play the Lottario, Michael played the same numbers every single week. The numbers that he won with were a combination of birthdays, jersey numbers, and their birth years.

Michael also bought some Quick Picks this time and play more than he usually does because the Lottario jackpot was over a million dollars. He claimed that he would only play the Quick Picks when the jackpot is so large. He said that he enjoyed playing the lottery.


What are Michael and His Family Planning to do with the Money?

Michael was 71 at the time of his winning. He is a grandfather and father. Michael bought his tickets at the B & J Variety Store that is located on Graham Street in West Lorne, which is the local store that Michael normally buys his lotto tickets at.

Michael Vojin has been operating his family business for over 24 years. Thanks to the Lottario winning, Michael and his wife are going to take it easy and now have peace of mind because they know that they can comfortably retire. They had been talking about retirement for some time before the win. The win has allowed them to start planning for their retirement.

Along with putting money away for retirement and paying their bills, Michael would like to help his family. He also has other plans for the money. Michael has said that he was going to treat himself to a vintage car. The lottery winning has allowed Michael and his wife to enjoy their life while helping their family and other people close to them. Michael won $1,561,811 on the March 4th lottery and claimed his winnings on March 14, 2017, in Toronto. All the Lottario winnings are given out at the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Prize Centre that is located in Toronto.

Lottario is the first terminal lotto game in Ontario. The game was launched in 1978 by the OLG and is one of the most popular lotteries in Ontario and all of Canada. This vast popularity is one of the reasons why the jackpot is regularly over a million. This is why many people like Michael Vojin play the lottery regularly. The question is where the next winner will come from, will it be you?

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