Mega Jackpot for Lottario

The winning numbers for Lottario draw of 22nd April 2017 were announced. This was among the hugest lottario draws. With a surplus of 2 million dollars Mega jackpot, individuals from all over Ontario played this game with the objective of becoming winner of that life-altering amount.

The stake remained similar that is, $1 for each selection, in spite of the cash and prizes being huge. Winners of Lottario have not been announced yet; however, an announcement has been made about how many winners were on every draw in order for individuals to verify if their chosen numbers were a match with the ones on the last draw or not.

Mega Jackpot is won when 6 numbers are matched

The Lottario draw six digits were 1,5,18,21, 31 as well as 34. A bonus of 26 was available also. The sad news is that on this row, there was no winner. So, the jackpot shall continue accumulating until a Lottario player wins it in future.

A jackpot for Lottario never resets. Until a winner emerges for the jackpot, it goes on rising. So that you can improve your winning prospects, it is advisable for you to monitor the winning digits and mark the pattern.

Even though this strategy is not 100% effective, it improves your winning chances. The Mega jackpot was precisely $2,201,940 and there was no winner.

Second Prize Winners for Lottario

In comparison to the mega jackpot, the second prize was not very profitable.  However, it is definitely worth the stake. It was a requirement for players to match five digits from the six numbers as well as the random winning numbers for Lottario, so as to become winner of $10,000. Five lucky winners emerged who were able to match the five digits as well as the bonus digits to win that amount.

Lottario Results do not reveal the number of winners. Individuals should go to their local retailer or have their tickets scanned to check whether they are among the fortunate ones.

The Other Winners

There were 150 winners in the Third Division. These are individuals who matched the 5 digits but did not match the bonus digits. Each was offered a $500 prize. Individuals always dream of being winners of millions of dollars. However, even amounts that are small can make you wealthy after months or years in case you will be a regular winner.

Fourth Division winners numbering 392 matched four digits as well as bonus digits. Each was given $30. There were more than 7,000 winners in 5th Division who matched 4 digits. However, no bonus was available and each was awarded $10. There were many winners on 6th and 7th divisions; however, for every winner, returns were lower than $8.

The ones who were not able to match any digit but obtained the bonus digit were provided with free tickets to give it another try. When the winning statistics are checked, Lottario is concluded to be a reasonable game because if you practice too much caution, you shall not win anything.

In essence, the winning numbers for Lottario are random and uneven. This is the reason a lot of people do not manage to plan on a method of winning the game. The most you can do is control the statistics you have and change the odds in your favor by following the tips below on being a winner of Lottario Jackpot.

Best tips for winning Lottario


  1. Become part of lottery ticket buying group. Your winning chances increase if you have many tickets. Join groups from your social clubs or office lottery pool.


  1. Avoid purchasing tickets for varied games of lotto. The higher the number of tickets you have for a single draw, the higher the prospects of you winning.


  1. Avoid using Quick Pick. Theoretically, drawing of any number needs to be carried out equally, even for other digits. However, digits are not equally drawn.


  1. Each week, play similar digits. After choosing your digits from numbers that are drawn more often, simply stick to them.


  1. Play lottery games that are ‘lesser.’ For example, local lotteries lack huge ad campaigns. Therefore, they offer better winning odds as a method of appealing to players.

The most ideal winning odds are provided by state, regional or provincial lotteries. Charity lotteries like Lottario always offer the most ideal winning chances.


  • Keep away from product, store or brand lotteries as the firm you are purchasing from always wins and prospects of you becoming a winner are normally poor.


  • Do not select numbers whose last digit is the same. For example, 5,15,25, 35, 45, etc. According to research, this kind of combination has not won any huge lottery.


  • Total up each of the digits you have chosen and ensure that the total ranges between 110-220 (for games that have 5 or 6 numbers).


  • Avoid grouping your digits; rather, spread the numbers out.


  • Do not utilize dates for your digits. If you do this, each of your digits shall be lower than 31 and this distribution is not common at all. Numbers from the calendar are not an effective source for you to select from.


More Useful tips!

The time you buy your ticket is important

Some people think that the time when you buy your lottery ticket has a huge impact on whether you become a winner of the jackpot you want or not.

In mathematical terms, it does not make any difference; however, according to statistics, jackpot winners are prone to buying their tickets on Friday evenings. Therefore, it might be helpful to buy your ticket as you go to the club after work!

Create a budget and follow it

Individuals normally forget that taking part in lotteries is a kind of gambling. One might become addicted to it. If it is played an excessive number of times, it might cost you a huge quantity of cash.

Consider your disposable income as well as other expenses and create a budget (weekly or monthly) on the amount you wish to use on lottery tickets, scratch cards and online lotto games.

This will help you to balance your money wisely and it may also signify that whatever small wins you attain on scratch cards are used on other things, rather than just scratch cards!

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