Mother of Four, London Resident and Power Lineman Win $100,000 in Encore

The lottery is one of the oldest games in the world, but it is also one of the toughest. It seems like a fairy tale that only comes true for a limited number of people. There was a time when people could only play the lottery in the traditional way. You had to go to the store and buy tickets and could only participate in games in your area or country. The widespread use of the internet has allowed people to play lottery games in any part of the world. This is how Raymond Nissan, hailing from London, was able to win a whopping $100,000 through ENCORE, an add-on lottery game in Canada.

Lotto 6/49 Latest Results

This add-on game can be played with a host lottery game and it offers players an extra chance to win a prize through their ticket. On November 21st, 2018, Raymond had participated in the Lotto 6/49 and opted for ENCORE. He was able to match six out of the seven ENCORE numbers and this allowed him to claim a prize of $100,000. The 30-year-old commercial painter revealed that this was his first major win. He had begun playing the game only two months before and his efforts finally paid off by allowing him to take home a substantial prize, even if it wasn’t the jackpot.

Raymond discovered that he had won the prize when he checked his ticket on the OLG (Ontario Lottery and Gaming) Lottery app. He was extremely pleased and it was a bonus that he was able to share his winning moment with his entire family. He collected his winnings from the OLG Prize Center in Toronto.

According to the father of two, the windfall is going to change his life because it will open a lot of doors for him. He has plans of investing the prize in his family, himself as well as his company. As far as purchasing the winning ticket is concerned, Raymond had bought it in London at 7-Eleven located on Commissioners Road. An ENCORE ticket costs an extra $1 and the return that Raymond got was definitely a huge perk for him.

Nonetheless, he was not the only one who benefitted from this add on lottery game. Hailing from Binbrook, Heather Morrison was also able to win a massive prize of $100,000 through ENCORE. She had also bought the extra ticket with her Lotto 6 49 entry for the December 1st, 2018 draw. She successfully matched six of the total seven numbers in the correct order in order to claim the prize. Heather is a mother of four boys and revealed that this was her first win in the lottery.

She had bought three tickets together and had checked the numbers at the retailer. The first two tickets had not given her anything whereas the third ticket carried a prize. She regarded it as the ‘Big Winner’, but even then thought that the prize was just $1,000. Therefore, it came as a major surprise when she realized that it was $100,000 instead of $1,000. The mother was delighted at the prize and couldn’t believe it was actually real. She had bought the winning ticket in Binbrook at the Dollar Star on Highway 56.

Lottario Results

The 51-year-old works at Air Canada and is planning to use her prize for having an amazing Christmas and also wants to take her family for a vacation.

While these two winners chose to play ENCORE with Lotto 6/49, another player also won a prize of $100,000 on September 14, 2018 when they played the add on-game with Lotto Max. Jordan Crozier was able to claim the winnings by matching six of the seven numbers in the exact order. Jordan revealed that he loved playing the Lotto Max at least once every month and always chose to play ENCORE as well.

Jordan had not claimed his prize immediately because he hadn’t checked the draw results. A couple of weeks after the draw, he found his ticket when he was cleaning his truck. He went onto the OLG Lottery App and discovered that his ticket was a winner. He was extremely pleased, but had difficulty accepting it for a little while. It took some time for the truth to set in and the 27 year old power lineman was thrilled.

He is already engaged and wedding plans are ongoing so the Cobden resident is going to use some of his winnings on his wedding. Jordan is going to save for a house and will use some of the windfall to take his fiancé for an early honeymoon. The winning was a very cool turn of events for the young man and he referred to it as a game-changer, which is the entire purpose of any lottery. He had bought the winning ticket in Cobden at Rooney Enterprises, located on Main Street.

Similarly, a Markham resident also participated in ENCORE through Lotto Max. Kalajiny Premkuma became $100,000 richer as she also matched six of the seven numbers in the draw. While she had participated in the draw in May, she came forward to collect her winnings in August. The winning ticket had been purchased in Markham at the Old Kennedy Road Gas Bar and Convenience located on Old Kennedy Road.

Since the cost of the extra ticket is very low, lots of people have begun to use ENCORE for boosting their chances of winning a prize. Apart from these three winners, Deborah Abbott from Hamilton Darryl Whitford of Oakville also won prizes of $100,000 through Encore in two separate draws. The draw for ENCORE is conducted on a daily basis and this boosts chances of winning for the players. The overall odds of winning in ENCORE are also 1 in 9.17, which are quite favorable and the game offers players a total of 22 ways to take home a prize.

One important thing to note is that ENCORE has only cash prizes and the top prize is worth $1 million that requires all seven numbers to be matched.

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Mother of Four, London Resident and Power Lineman Win $100,000 in Encore

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