Poker Lotto: Know All The Rules Before You Take Part In The Game

Almost everyone has a dream to become a millionaire, and to fulfill our desire overnight, lottery draw is perhaps the best option. Many players love to consider their lucky numbers, birthdates and horoscope to know whether they can become winner. But, in addition to this lotto game, poker has also become a very popular game. You perhaps believe that both are different games, and you have to play them separately. However, if you like to have the experience of these two games, there is poker lotto for you.

Poker Lotto – Why it is a unique lottery game

From the name, poker lotto, we can easily understand that this game combines these two different games- Lotto and Poker. The features of poker lotto have similarity to both these games, and so, it’s one of the new types of games for lotto enthusiasts.

OLG launched Poker Lotto in 2010, and it has started to attract several poker players. In this game, you will not find the numbers but only the card symbols. We know that poker game is based on skills. As a player, you need to deal with your rivals, and then play the cards in the best way. You can find this feature in poker lotto, and that’s why, it has become most interesting to lots of players. The minimum age to play this game is about eighteen years.

Poker lotto is such a lotto game that is based on terminal, and it allows you to become the winner in two diverse ways:

  • One is through traditional draw

  • The other one is the instant win

Before presenting the details of these two options, let us discuss about the purchase of ticket for playing poker lotto.

The cost of each of the tickets is $2. There’re 3 hands, available for each of the tickets. To say clearly, you will be able to play for maximum 3 hands for each of the tickets. You need to make full payment for your tickets before receiving it, and there’s no option for cancelling tickets. You have to see the time and dates, mentioned on the tickets, and this date is intended for lottery draw.

Purchase ticket for poker lotto at the right time

We have already said that as one of the everyday lotto games, poker lotto allows you to choose the option for instant win. You will be able to gain maximum $5,000. However, for Nightly Draw, you can win almost $100,000.

You have to purchase the tickets before10:30 P.M. at night, and for the lotto draw, you need to wait until it is 11:00 P.M. The probability to win the prize from the game is 1 out of 3.66. In case of instant win, this is 1 out of 4.8.

Know the way of playing the lotto

You need to observe the cards, present on lottery terminal screen, and it will allow you to know whether the five-card hand gains success in the game for each of the instant wins. While more than two cards are corresponded, you may turn out to be the winner. You can visit to have the experience of the game.

Different options for redeeming your lottery prize

If you get the prize with instant win option, you have the option to redeem it at once. Or, you can also wait until the Nightly Draw is over. While you have redeemed the reward before this Nightly Draw, you will get a valid Exchange Ticket. This ticket is intended to reveal that you have already received the prize.

When you have not done so, your final prize will be the automatic combination of both the draws. Many retailers may offer you the maximum prize amount of $200. The regional-basis payout of the prize can reach almost $9999.99. However, you have to know the time for claiming the payout of the desired prize. The time to claim this prize is not same for all the locations. While you have decided to redeem, you should allow much time so that your claim can be processed. In most of the cases, it needs almost thirty minutes in order to accomplish the process. You should claim your prize within a year, considering the date of lottery draw and validity date.

Lotto ALL IN – It’s another way to have bigger jackpot

As one of the players of Poker Lotto, if you consider an additional $1 for every hand, then you may choose the option- ALL IN. This gives them an opportunity for increasing Jackpot, associated with lotto terminals in Ontario. While you have played the option, then you will find the term- PLAYED on your ticket. However, ALL IN is just optional to the players. On the basis of odds, the present sales rate of Poker Lotto tickets and the sale of ALL IN version, you may win Jackpot more than one time on every month. But, remember that if you have not paid for poker lotto, then you cannot choose the option- ALL IN. It is because two games are not separate from each other, and you should not play any particular game.

If you have chosen ALL IN game, you have the chance of winning 3 prizes with the same hand- Two for the instant event, while another one is for Nightly Draw. To play ALL IN or simple poker, you do not need to apply your poker playing skills. While the ticket allows you to win the game, you can find the amount on the screen.

Poker Lotto Canada

What is the payout you get with this lotto game?

Overall payout of prize is 59.9 % in case of poker lotto players; however, if you have chosen ALL IN, it is almost 50%. Another important fact about the game is that as there is no Advance Play option, you can rely only on Quick Pick.

So, poker lotto is one of the unique lottery games that allow you to gain attractive jackpot. To find recent news on these games or to play various Canadian lottery games, you can regularly visit

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