Targeting best odds like Lottario is sometimes better than Powerball

It is possible that everyone, whatever their age has purchased a lottery ticket, dream and planned how they are going to utilize their winnings, what to purchase and what investments to make.

We all desire to win big so that we can buy that house, a new car, and cater to our children’s education. Each of us naturally longs to win big.

Although the winning odds prospects of  becoming a lottery winner are very limited, each of us wants to be among the lucky individuals who picked the winning numbers.

Do they select their numbers by chance, luck or were they aware of a big secret? How do they choose their numbers? By luck, by chance or did they know some big secret?

Next to the United States, most states have scratch offs, the big one and 3 digit everyday lottery tickets. Does one of these provide better odds compared to the others?

The odds increase as the payout increases. You can pick your own numbers or allow the computer to offer you random numbers. A lot of individuals utilize special events such as anniversaries, birthdays and other special digits to make their selection.

About Lottario

Lottario presents a lottery game provided by OLG (Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation) in Ontario, Canada. Jackpots for lottario begin at $250,000 and it rarely goes up to $1 million. Despite this, lottario is a very famous lottery in Canada because of its huge winning odds!


The Figures are Stacked

As earlier mentioned, when playing Lottario, a lot of people select a range of numbers they believe to be their ‘lucky numbers.’ Alternatively, they risk and allow the system to select random numbers.

Even random figures create a kind of pattern. Tracking of these patterns is carried out and some work to our advantage. The Lottario has existed for a long period and individuals have turned it into their lifestyle. They assess these winnings as well as each game’s odds.

If you think rationally, consider this: in reality, what you are doing is using probabilities to gamble. When you play with patterns and you select a pattern that just occurs 5% of the time, this means that 95% of the time, you shall lose. When viewed in this manner, this does not sound nice!

Is it Possible to Win Canada’s Lottario?

There are very many winning tips; but a number of them can be valuable. When choosing the numbers of your lottery, ensure that you select an equal mixture of even and odd numbers.

It is rare for all to win the drawing. Actually, the possibility of this occurring is 1%, which means that you have a 99% likelihood of losing if you select all digits, either even or odd.

The most precise numbers to select are 3/3, 4/2 or 2/4. 84% of the time, one of these possible patterns will occur. This does sound better! Normally, lottario outcomes with winning numbers are distributed over the number field.

When you consider this, then divide this in half, you shall have the low half and the high half. It is extremely rare for drawing of all high or all low numbers to occur. Utilize similar mix as previously done when selecting your random numbers.

Random Number Groups

Not many individuals have time to put in for researching the previous groups of winning numbers; however, you might want to give it a shot.

Tracking which group of digits has won the last two times may produce this result: 4, 13, 18, 33, 39 and 44. Take note that there are no digits from the series of 20s. Tracking numbers and studying them can actually help you know the group you should rely heavily on.

After you have selected the six digits you desire to use, sum them up together to ensure the total is between 107 and 170. These totals in this range consist of around 70% of all jackpots that win.

If you are involved in playing Lottario 6/45, one number will at least be repeated 60% of the time. Play digits that have been ‘loser digits’ for four games, as they shall make up more than ½ the winning numbers.

Consider being in groups. This means that when you combine your money in huge groups, this ensures that you are now able to purchase tickets in plenty, raising a winning ticket’s odds.

You are now able to have more money to use, while playing huger systems, compared to when you play on your own. Ensure that an agreement is set up and that all parties involved sign it. If agreements are not drawn up, friendships can be lost.

Lottario Numbers

What are the odds?

The reality is that there is a lot of luck involved with any winning ticket for Lottario. When one person’s winning odds with one ticket are examined, this compares to you standing in the center of a football field with a pin held in your hand and a person letting an ant loose in the field and you throwing the pin to stab the ant! Chances of this are 1 in 13 million! But, there is no reason for you not to try.

Only play with what you shall not miss if you lose. If you engage in responsible play without getting your family or yourself in debt or danger of lacking food, shelter or electricity, you can enjoy playing this game that everyone adores betting on.

Be carefree and select varied numbers; alternatively, you can play the ones that you have thought of. Vary it at times. One week, purchase scratch off tickets then the next week, purchase the big numbers lottery.

Tricks are always present for handling numbers. Keep in mind the ones that have previously won and the ‘loser numbers,’ also. One day, at one time, they shall become winners.


It is certain that you have higher odds of becoming a lottery winner if you actually purchase a ticket than if you do not. This is the most ideal advice on the market, where lottery odds are concerned. Whether you utilize anniversaries, birthdays, the number of children you have or which year you were born, when you purchase a ticket, each combination is important.

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