Tips for Choosing the Ontario49 Lottery Game Numbers

Many people have a fixed believe that winning lottery is all a matter of luck. It is true, it is matter of luck but luck, cannot become good without preparation. Being cautious and rationalizing every move in lottery escalate your winning probability which is why you should have some few tips to help you select the numbers that can enhance your winning chances on Ontario49. Lottery has been in existence since February 1990, and since then up to now, its numbers’ field has not changed. Millions of people have played the game since it started and hundreds of thousands have won prizes worth billions of dollars.

Strategies on How to Perfectly Choose the Numbers

Use the Odd-Even Number Strategy

When selecting your numbers, try to mix odd and even numbers to ensure that you enhance your chances of winning. ‘All odd numbers’ and ‘all even numbers’ are rarely drawn, the numbers drawn are a mixture of both even and odd numbers. If you select ‘all odd’ or ‘all even’ only, you will have a winning probability of only 3 percent. Make sure that you select two odd numbers and four even numbers or make sure that you select four odd numbers and two even numbers when playing the Ontario49.

High and Low Lotto Number Strategy

In Ontario49, there are 49 numbers that people can select from. From 1 to 25, those are referred to as low numbers whereas from 26 to 49, they are regarded as high numbers. There is no one point that you are going to have all low numbers or all high numbers in a draw, it is normally a combination of the two. To be on the safe side, you should choose either four low numbers and two high numbers or two low numbers and four high numbers.

Track the Winning Numbers

Although the numbers in a draw are selected randomly, they can still be tracked or traced. Look at the winning groups for a specific period of time to see which numbers occur most frequently. Once you know the numbers that do not occur regularly, try as much as possible to avoid them and put more interest on the numbers that occur frequently on the winning groups. This way, you will be reducing your probability of losing in every draw. For example in 5-14-17-32-38-49, there are no 20s, but there are a lot of 30s present. There are also three low numbers and three high numbers.

Sum of All the Selected Numbers

Like stated on the first paragraph, lotto started in 1990, and a lot of winners have been witnessed since then. Selected numbers that have total of between 115 and 180 have a 70 percent probability of becoming true. After you select your six numbers, add them, and if their total is within the given range, your chances of winning are high. Ontario49 does not have an ultimate strategy that guarantees people a direct positive outcome; it is through a broad analysis of various factors that can place one on the perfect track.

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