Unbelievable Stories of Lotto Winners in Canada

Who doesn’t want to win the lottery? After all, it is the easiest and most effortless way of fulfilling your dreams and living a life of luxury. But, one thing to remember is that it is easier said than done. Not everyone can win the lottery and some people spend years playing and never win anything other than small prizes. There are also some crazy and unbelievable stories out there of people winning through some weird tactic or of a single ticket changing the lives of many. As lottery is a popular game in Canada, there have been tons of winners and some of their stories are really unbelievable.

Lotto 6/49 Latest Results

A Canadian woman won a jackpot worth CA$5.3 million after she played the same numbers in the lottery for a total of 30 years. According to Olga Beno, she actually ‘dreamt’ the winning numbers back in May 1989 and since then, she has been using them on a regular basis. The resident of Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia is a cancer sufferer and this lottery win was definitely life-changing for her. Previously, she had had to sell her house in order to fund her treatment. Now, Olga has plans of building a ranch-style easy access home with her cash prize.

Ms. Beno said that she knew the numbers she played by heart, but when she saw them on television, she couldn’t be sure if they were actually her numbers as she has poor eyesight. Then, she forgot all about it. Next morning, she saw the winning numbers again when she was going through the newspaper. At first, Olga couldn’t believe it and thought it was a mistake. She told her sister that she had won the lottery, who told her to call her back when she wanted to tell the truth.

Ms. Beno was one of the two people who had won the sum of CA$5.3 million in the draw held on 28th December. The second ticket had been sold in Western Canada.

Olga was diagnosed with Stage Four cancer ten years ago and she had to sell her house and start renting to provide for her treatment. She stated that her husband, children and also her grandchildren had supported her during this time. They had helped her survive the illness so she was going to spoil all of them now by taking them to Disney World.

A mother and son who won $6.4 million through a Lotto 6/49 draw also stated that they would use their winnings to help the family. Michael and his mother Velma Hobson, residing in Toronto, said that family was the entire reason they had ended up winning the jackpot. This is due to the fact that they had discovered their win when they were following a tradition set by Velma’s late husband. Michael Hobson said that his mother had the habit of getting up in the morning and checking their tickets.

She loved doing it because it had been his father’s favorite thing to do every morning before he passed. It is exactly what Velma was doing when she came across the draw numbers and realized that they had indeed won the lottery. Michael said that his mother called him downstairs and also told him not to hurry. He said that while she had asked him not to rush, he had noticed her urgent tone and rushed down to see what she wanted.

He had asked if the date was correct and it was, indeed. Both mother and son checked the numbers five times at home and then went to the store for confirming their win. They hadn’t wanted to cause a commotion until they were sure that they had won. Now, they are thinking about the future and making plans of what to do with their prize. Velma said that winning the lottery has given her the opportunity to help her family and it feels wonderful to be able to do so.

Michael stated that he was planning to buy a boat, cottage and a new truck whereas Velma is thinking about moving to a new house and mulling over renovations for the kitchen and bathrooms. The winning ticket was bought at a convenience store in Scarborough, which is located at Sheppard Avenue and Kennedy Road.

Perhaps, the most drastic change that the lottery brought is the fact that it made an entire street in Northern Ontario considerably richer than before. A $10 million Lotto Max jackpot was won by a group of 46 people who are spread out over a total of 14 families. These people live on the same street in the community of Garson, which is located just outside Sudbury, Ontario.

When Sherry discovered that the winning ticket belonged to someone in the Sudbury-area, she asked her husband to check their tickets through the app. Sherry couldn’t believe it when their scan of the tickets showed ‘Big Winner $10 Million’. She said that she was jumping around her kitchen because it was difficult for her to accept it. She then went to the neighbors to inform them about their winnings, but they wouldn’t believe her.

The group then checked their tickets as well and realized that Sherry was telling the truth. Sherry said that after matching the numbers, they were all running down the street screaming that they were millionaires. These 14 families have been playing the lottery together for the last two years. They comprise of a total of 26 adults and 20 children who will all be sharing money from this lottery win.

Another one of the winners, Amy said that it was great that they all get to do this together. She said it was nice to be able to share this experience with their best friends and it seemed just like a dream. As far as plans regarding the winnings are concerned, the families are planning to pay off their mortgages with their share, buy some new vehicles and traveling. They can all fulfill their dreams thanks to their lotto prize.

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