Want a Mercedes Benz? Play Lottario!

Since you have now become a lotto winner of $300, you are in a position to upgrade your car to a Mercedes-Benz W1954. Millionaires should not drive compact cars. This is the most costly car that was ever sold at auction, when it went for $29.6 million. You can even purchase 10 of them!

If you study books or carry out research on the Internet on how to become a lottery winner, you shall come across may tips that are ineffective.  It is not possible to foretell which numbers will appear in the lottery.

Below are some great lotto tips to help you win Lottario and buy this most prestigious car!

Play the right games to enhance your winning chances

Individuals discuss lottery winning as if it involves only one game. However, each country has a variety of lottery games with varied winning odds. Study the odds before you invest your money to make sure you are optimizing your winning chances.

Keep in mind that lottery games such as MegaMilions and Powerball are national lotteries. Therefore, their entry pool is a lot broader. State lotteries require players to be physically present in that state to purchase a ticket. Normally, they present better odds.

Obtain More Entries without using Extra money with lottery pools

The simplest manner of improving your odds of becoming a lottery winner is just to purchase more tickets. Obviously however, this costs money and despite you using a lot of cash to purchase tickets, your winning odds remain poor.


However, with lottery pools, you have the chance to enhance your odds without using extra cash. Join the lottery pool at your office or begin your own to obtain better winning chances.

Avoid Missing a Lottery Win – Check Your Numbers Carefully!

Just picture being the winner of a huge jackpot but failing to get your cash since you overlooked to carefully check your numbers! This occurs more often than you know. For instance, a lottery ticket for MegaMillions worth almost $300,000 went unclaimed. Avoid this from happening to you.

When you purchase a lottery ticket, store it where you can easily locate it. Note down the date of the draw and time in your calendar in case you are concerned you may forget it. Check the figures against your ticket and check them again just to be certain.

Pick an effective Lottery System

It is common knowledge that a lot of lotto winners play using a number selection that they have not altered for years. This shows that it is very effective to choose your individual numbers. Choose numbers by making use of a lotto system that continuously wins. This will optimize your winning prospects.

Increase your chances of being a lottery winner with Second-Chance Games

Your numbers might not have appeared in the drawing. This however, does not mean you should throw away your lottery ticket.  On 8 June 2010, Kentucky Bell, a member of About.com Sweepstakes Forum announced a huge lottery win.

However, she was not a winner due to the numbers that she played when she purchased the ticket. But, she joined the Kentucky Lottery second-chance game and her entry was selected as the winner. After taxes, she obtained $120,610.70.


Therefore, do not despair simply because you were not a winner the first time. If a second-chance drawing is included in your lottery game, entering might make you a winner.

Another Person’s Loss May be your Lottery Ticket Win

Many people discard their lottery tickets following a drawing; however, it does not signify the worthlessness of the tickets. Maybe they did not take the trouble to examine the numbers or they examined the inappropriate drawing or misunderstood the winning numbers.

If you come across a ticket that has been discarded, it is worthwhile to check it twice. The discarded ticket might be a loser; however, you might have a chance of still winning it. If a second-chance drawing s connected to the lottery game, you can utilize the discovered tickets to join, offering more winning chances.

Take action to Obtain Winning lottery tickets

In case you are lucky to become a lottery winner, you should avoid allowing this prize to get lost because of a lottery scam. To offer yourself protection, the first action you should take after getting a lottery ticket, even before you confirm whether it is a winner or not is signing it.

When your signature is included on a lottery ticket’s back, this can assist to verify it belongs you if your winning lottery ticket is stolen or lost.

In addition, you should avoid ever passing the ticket to a clerk at a lottery site to enquire whether you are a winner. Utilize a computer terminal in order to know whether you won, request the clerk for the winning figures then personally confirm them.

You can check online also, or in newspapers to get the winning numbers. It would be simple for a dishonest clerk to keep your ticket and inform you that it did not win. If you want to use mail to cash a lottery ticket, ensure you produce copies of the ticket’s two sides, in the event that it gets lost while in transit.

Extra Tip: Be Wary of Lottery Scams

Sadly, a lot of scammers attempt to benefit from people’s dream of becoming lottery winners. Below are some tips to shield yourself and keep away from lottery scams:

  • Just purchase tickets from official lottery retailers.
  • It is illegal to sell lottery tickets past national borders. Normally, you can purchase tickets if you reside in the country; however, usually, offers to trade lottery tickets internationally by mail or via Internet are unlawful.
  • In case you never purchased a lottery ticket or took part in a lottery game of second-chance, you did not become a winner.
  • You will not be informed by the lottery if you become a winner. It is your responsibility to examine your winning tickets.
  • It is never expected of you to pay cash beforehand to obtain a winning lottery prize.


So, in order to drive the Mercedes Benz of your dreams, play Lottario today! Make use of the above helpful tips and embark on your journey to being a big lottery winner and purchase the car you have always imagined driving!

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