West Lorne Business Owner Becomes Millionaire with Lottario Win

Do you want to be a millionaire? Well, you can ask Michael Vojin for some tips. He became the latest millionaire in Ontario by winning the Lottario game last March 4, 2017. The total jackpot prize of the lottery was $1,561,811.30. With that amount, his retirement will be a very blissful one.

So, who is Michael Vojin before he won the lottery? Well, he is a 71-year-old married man who runs a family business for more than 20 years. And one of the things that he loves to do is to play the Lottario every week. When you play Lottario online, you have the chance to win the jackpot just like Vojin.

Playing the Lottario

While a lot of people opt to play Lottario online, Vojin still goes to a retail store to play his numbers. He usually goes to B & J Variety Store in West Lorne to play the lottery. And when asked how he picked the numbers, he said that he usually plays the same numbers each week and his consistency paid off big time.

He said that the numbers are his birthday year, birthdays of his family and his old sports jersey numbers. Whenever the jackpot is more than $1 million, he usually buys some Quick Picks. If you want to be the next millionaire, maybe you should consider doing the same.

Michael Vojin didn’t even know he had won the Lottario jackpot until the Monday after the draw. He went to B & J Variety Store to let the retailer scan his tickets. They were both surprised when the terminal of the lottery froze and verified that he has the ticket with the winning combination. After a couple of minutes, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation called the store and spoke with Vojin.

When Michael Vojin learned that he won, he first thought of his mother who died recently. He felt that his mother was watching over him from heaven. He then called his wife, who at first thought that he was just joking. Then she started crying, and when he showed her the ticket, his wife cried again.

Lottario Win

What to Do with Lottario Jackpot

As one of the newest millionaires in Ontario, Michael Vojin plans to retire from running the family business and with the Lottario jackpot, he can retire in peace. He is also planning to use some of the money to pay bills and help out his family. As a treat for himself, he is looking for a nice vintage car to splash out on.

And that’s how a family business owner spends his Lottario jackpot winnings. He is free to enjoy his life, and at the same time help the people close to him. He already worked more than two decades on the family business. He is now ready to sit back and enjoy his life to the fullest. You should expect him to spend a lot of time with his vintage car, whether it is in the garage or on the road.

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