What Would You Do if You Won Lottario?

If you became a lottery jackpot winner of 50 million, would you be too shocked by this amount to do anything? Would you allow your fortune to create issues with friends and family who begin treating you somehow differently?

Would you pick the winnings immediately and isolate yourself or would you invest some time to organize a trip? Would you seek advice?

Queries like these may be one of the reasons that the previous week’s winner of Lotto Max 50 million has not yet claimed the prize following the purchase of the winning ticket in Langley.

According to Chris Fairclough, the spokesman for B.C. Lottery Corp, the Langley winner is consulting their financial adviser at the moment.

For many reasons, the winner might not have revealed themselves. They might be in consultations with a lawyer or financial adviser or informing some family members.

Whatever is going on, it is normal for individuals to keep away their tickets as they organize their affairs. Fairclough said that some years back, one man stored a ticket for 48 weeks in a safety deposit box, before going to B.C. Lottery Corp to claim his cheque.

In some instances, a ticket buyer leaves the state without checking the results of the draw. The previous year, a lady bought a ticket then went on a European holiday for one year, said Fairclough. She was not aware that she had become richer by $25 until she came back.

Last Friday’s purchaser of the Lotto Max ticket that won in Langley, has 52 weeks to make a claim of this prize prior to forfeiting $50 million. In the history of Canada, this was the sixth-hugest jackpot.

Already, as each day goes by, the quantity of interest, which might be accumulating on this prize, is gone forever. After around one month, B.C. Lottery Corp shall sum up possible accrued interest then implement a notification to trigger the owner to reveal themselves.

Useful Tips on How to Spend Lottery Winnings

It can be a thrilling experience to win the lottery. You might however, encounter issues in your life due to these new winnings. Appropriate management of your new wealth and spending it can assist you to benefit from it with time.

Getting to know more on how you can manage this wealth can assist you to avoid tax and legal problems. Get the most from your money by spending your lottery winnings wisely.

Settle Debts

Paying off old debts with your winnings can present a great method of creating a financial future for yourself that is more secure. Getting rid of debts prevents any more interest from building up on them. Make use of your winnings to settle your debts so as to attain financial freedom.

Invest Your Winnings

Saving your winnings shall protect them, even though with time they will possibly be used up. Making investments of your winnings can enable them to increase, raising your earnings on the initial investment.

When investments are made wisely, they offer a livable income, enabling you to survive on your winnings permanently. Mutual funds present groups of stocks that are pre-chosen by experts and are in overall, a secure investment.

It is also possible for you to choose and invest in stocks that you have personally picked. Even thought this is more risky, it can possibly produce more returns.

Buy Assets

Other than investing, you can utilize your winnings to get assets. Assets are goods, property or items that become valuable with time; these items can make your winnings stronger. A lot of assets rise in value, subsequently raising your overall wealth.

Think of Donating

If you have the ability and the will, donating your cash to a useful cause can be a wonderful manner of using your winnings to help others.

You can get a charitable organization that you support or provide your winnings as financing for particular endeavors that you want to see implemented. Some donations and charities have tax benefits linked to them.

Budget Your Winnings

You might be tempted to purchase items that you have always longed for and leave your job. You will however, still require budgeting your new cash properly.

If you lack an effective budgeting plan, you can lose your winnings fast. Make an effort to sustain the similar standard of living as you previously did, before you picked your winnings.

Avoid leaving your job until you become certain that you can survive on your winnings. Obtaining your winnings in numerous payments over time can assist you budget your latest wealth.

Make a decision on whether you want to obtain a lump sum or numerous payments. Every choice will present its own advantages and disadvantages; therefore, decide the one that is most ideal for you.

Your tax status can be affected by a lump sum, which presents one huge payment. Payments spread over time can assist you to control your winnings, by just using up what is offered during the period of payment.

Engage a Financial Manager

Becoming a lottery winner can bring a lot of excitement; but your latest wealth shall need appropriate management and expert knowledge to provide the most benefits.  Engaging a financial manager can offer a wonderful manner of ensuring the maintenance of your wealth and give you constant support.

Contact a Tax Advisor

In many states, it is a requirement that you pay taxes on whatever income is produced from lottery winnings. Winning a lottery jackpot will possibly alter your tax bracket. This results in varied payment levels and tax regulations, in regard to time to pay.

Engaging a tax advisor can make this procedure simpler for you and avoid you from making any mistakes when paying or filing. Wrongful filing of your taxes can lead to legal or audit action.

Engage a tax advisor who works with clients with the same quantities of riches. Texas, Florida and Pennsylvania do not need a lottery winner to pay taxes on the winnings.


It is wonderful to win the lottery! But, it is advisable to follow the above guidelines so as to avoid losing your winnings due to the excitement!

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